The most elegant piece of jewellery that enhances the magnificence of any outfit is the ever-appealing ‘chain’. Be it for men or women, this ornament is one, that suits all and sundry.
Giriraj jewellers presents to you a large variety of chains in different sizes, karats, designs, weights and colours as well. Further, we bring to you the finest collection of chains for both, men and women under the same roof! So, looking out for some elegance with style? Turn to the chains’ category at Giriraj jewellers.


When we think of one piece of jewellery that every individual holds close to his/her heart and cherishes deeply, rings is what comes to our mind. A ring is the most glamourous ornament that can be worn with almost every attire, whether western or ethnic.
Rings are known to signify monumental events in our lives such as birthdays, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day or festivals. Promise rings, engagement rings, wedding rings and many others make perfect gifts for an expression of feelings on these special occasions.
Recognizing the sentiments connected to rings, Giriraj jewellers brings to you the most impressive collection of rings for both men and women in attractive designs, shapes and sizes.
We also bestow exclusive couple rings for partners celebrating the purest emotion – love.
So, looking for the perfect gift? Turn to rings at Giriraj jewellers.


Earrings are a convenient and sophisticated way to accentuate your look on a daily basis. To add a sparkle to your demeanor every day, Giriraj jewellers gives you a dazzling variety of gold studs along with other daily use earrings to suit your style and appeal all throughout. So, wouldn’t you love to look stunning every single day? Of course! Visit Giriraj jewellers and pick your choice of earrings today!


The most subtle yet ceremonial ornament – bracelets are an ideal accessory to flaunt grace and make a style statement at the same time. Bracelets could be paired up with bangles or be worn as statement accessories individually. Either way, it is sure to brighten up your look each time its adorned.
Thus, Giriraj jewellers provides a varied collection of bracelets for both men and women so that every customer satisfactorily finds his/her own unique statement accessory at our store. So, willing to make a mark for yourself? Hand-pick your favorite bracelet from the Giriraj jewellers showroom in Pune.


A woman’s jewellery box is incomplete without a section of bangles that reflects her personality and style. Be it traditional gold karas, or loops with contemporary designs; bangles are pieces of jewellery that celebrate the femininity and grace of an Indian woman. Giriraj jewellers offers an array of bangles crafted with explicit finesse from the finest quality of gold in the country. Willing to fill your bangles section with an unmatched variety? Giriraj jewellers is your place to go!


A traditional bridal ornament for women, a Mangalsutra symbolizes the pure bond of love and union between a married couple. However, apart from being worn as the customary ‘Suhaag ki Nishani’ a Mangalsutra in today’s day and age is commonly worn as a classic piece of jewellery for evening wear and special occasions as well.
Thus, keeping in mind the sanctity and religious significance yet, regular usage of the ornament, Giriraj jewellers brings to you Mangalsutras in three different types:
Temple Mangalsutras – In India, initially temple jewellery referred to the category of jewelllery that was used to adorn idols of Gods and Goddesses in temples. These were given as offerings in temples by the royal people of the town. With time, temple jewellery gained popularity among women as it began being worn to add a tinge of divinity and grace to a woman’s appearance.
Thus, Temple Mangalsutras are an exquisite way of showing off a bride’s devotion, piety and elegance at the same time.
Calcite Mangalsutra – Calcite is a carbonate mineral and the most stable polymorph of calcium carbonate. Calcite as a mineral, is known for its hardness and scratch resistance qualities.
Calcite Mangalsutras are the most fashionably appealing and durable Mangalsutras one could come across. They not only enhance a woman’s look but add a touch of modernity and style, making them ideal pieces for the 21st century woman.
Occasional wear – Indian occasions in today’s day and age are a fascinating blend of tradition and modernity. Whether its weddings, Diwali celebrations or house warming ceremonies, every occasion brings with it a spirit of its own. On these occasions every woman strives to adorn the most stunning ornaments and yet those that suit the traditional feel of the occasion.
Occasional wear Mangalsutras are precisely suited for this. They are an ideal combination of modern designs infused with traditional richness.
So, looking for a Mangalsutra which is perfectly suited for the style and preference of your fiancé? Turn to the unparalleled jewellery store in town – Giriraj jewellers

Mangalsutra Pendant

The pious bridal ornament, Mangalsutra is incomplete without its main attraction – the pendant. Mangalsutra pendants are available separately in a variety of styles, forms and designs at Giriraj jewellers. Be it stone pendants, fancy pendants, calcite pendants, Vati or Dorla, we have it all! So, looking for the perfect pendant to accompany your perfect Mangalsutra? You definitely know where to go!


A flawless neckpiece is the perfect attraction to make heads turn at any occasion. A simple, yet tasteful necklace is just what one requires to accentuate the charm of any Indian or Western demeanor. Giriraj jewellers offers Mani Malas, Chakor and fancy necklaces in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes.
Wishing to be the center of attraction at your next evening gala? Turn to the premier jewellery store in town – Giriraj jewellers.

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