Silver Payal

Silver Payal or Silver Anklets are synonymous with the Indian woman. From young girls to old women, it is a staple among everybody. It adds an alluring touch of femininity to it’s bearer’s personality and is seen as a symbol of beauty. They range from vintage – inspired to echoing modern designs. The cool undertones of silver adorn the immaculate feet of the lady wearing them. Here at Giriraj jewellers, we invite you to let us beautify your pretty feet.

Pooja Items

Pooja or Idol worship forms an important part of Indian households. In fact, even some corporations keep idols in their office out of devotion, respect and love. A variety of items to aid in this worshipping process is a prerequisite. We, at Giriraj jewellers craft every holy item with love, respect and the finest craftsmanship. We bring to you only the finest and the best.


Idols are holy sculptures and are revered. Using the finest silver available, every idol is forged with fierce devotion. We understand how important and special idols are to you, and every murti here is unique and beautiful. Silver idols have always been considered exquisite and ornate. We care about the sentimental value that you hold for these idols. A variety of designs and multitude of options await you at Giriraj Jewellers.

Lamps and Diyas

No better combination than a brilliant flame burning from a dazzling silver lamp to ward off the darkness. Lamps are valuable – aesthetically and devotionally. A beautiful Diya in front of God is a part of age old tradition. The silver lamps at Giriraj jewellers showcase intricate and thoughtful designs. They look nothing short of beautiful stars when lit. We invite you to come witness their brilliance with your own eyes at Giriraj jewellers

Gift items utensils

Nothing says thoughtful gifting like an item composed of the best quality silver and designed with love. Silver is a class apart and its subtle lustre has the potential to turn everything classy and polished. We offer a wide range of gifting items. We understand that everyone has a unique taste and have stocked our gift collection keeping the concept of individuality in mind. Looking for something to gift at an upcoming wedding? Your best friend is celebrating their birthday? Come, find your unique gifting option at Giriraj jewellers.

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